Well, people, I have this friend of mine that was in the private M&G with Jensen Ackles in VanCon this last weekend. She told me some stuff about it and authorized me to tell you something that made her smile.

Since I know things in fandom are difficult these days, I suppose it can make you smile you too, so I decided to actually do it and post it.

Just in case if someone asks:

Has my friend a tumblr account? Yes.
Do I trust her? Completely.
Will I post her username in my blog? No.
Will I tell someone her username privately? No.

Anyway, the thing is she was in this M&G and she was with a very infamous hater of this fandom. I don’t want to name her, because the sole mention of her nickname would bring viruses to my computer haha, but we practically all know her. She likes to say how much Jensen enjoys her inputs of brodependency and how much Jensen agrees with her statements of useless!cas or dean-hates-cas.

Probably she is doing it right now.

And if she does, she is lying.

Let’s say, to summarize, that Jensen Ackles put this person in her place TWICE during his M&G, according to my friend, who was basically and exactly besides them.

First, she started with the whole brodependency speech, and how Sam is the only person for Dean, etc, etc, etc. Jensen Ackles answered her that is really important for Dean to have Castiel and, how much Dean loves having Castiel (literal) and how he wished they’d done more stuff together.

Second, she played the “I’ve heard Castiel thinks Dean is a monster and he wants to kill him cos he doesn’t like him. Is this true?” card and Jensen Ackles answered her with a NO. My friend points out it was a very emphatic “No” as if he was done with that statement.

And that’s it.

I know it’s not much, but it’s a little, and I’m sure this will make you feel better. As usual, I would suggest you not to believe what a hater say, because as is proved in this case, probably it’s not true.

And well… remember Jensen could have been complacent with this person, and he decided against it in a private M&G.

I think it’s cool to share.

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About the song “I Saw Her Standing There” [x]





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Season 11 is confirmed 
I repeat 
Season 11 is confirmed 

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Jensen & Danneel Ackles on Twitter ♥


Jensen & Danneel Ackles on Twitter ♥
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misha says an upcoming scene has full frontal nudity and he steps out; everyone freaks it takes a sec for cas to realise it’s bc he’s naked



please dear god
please god let this be real and not misha fucking with us

(via casfucker)

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Misha from the cruise on Sunday night (Misha drinking whatever it is is very sexy…)

*vid from my friend

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Fan: would you rather be stranded on an island with Jared or Jensen, and why?
Misha: no I would not.
Fan: you have to choose.
Misha: I would swim. I'm a good swimmer.
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